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Petroleum Remediation Product PRP Powder - Natural Hydrocarbon Remediation

Manufacturer: Universal Remediation, Inc.


Since 2004, Universal Remediation has been pioneering products that naturally clean and remediate oil and fuel spills around the world. Evolved from technology originally developed by NASA, UniRemInc's line of eco-friendly products safely mitigate the effects of hydrocarbon spills on the environment.

How it Works


PRP Powder consists of tiny microspheres of treated wax, which contain nutrients. When a wax sphere of PRP Powder comes in contact with spilled oil or other hydrocarbons, the sphere "binds" with the hydrocarbon, absorbing the spill. Nutrients within the sphere attract naturally occurring microorganisms from the immediate environment, creating an ideal ecosystem for them to flourish and in turn consume the hydrocarbon. Given time, PRP Powder will consume and remediate over 20X it's weight in dangerous hydrocarbons. And, unlike other remediation treatments PRP doesn't have be cleaned up after it's been used - it will naturally breakdown and decompose into the surrounding environment.


The efficacy of PRP Powder (and related products) was quantified under simulated field conditions conducted by the National Environmental Technology Applications Corporation (NETAC). NETAC was a key partner of the U.S. EPA in developing methods to evaluate the biological methods that enhance oil spill degradation.


PRP as seen on History Channel's "Modern Marvels"


PRP featured in "Modern Marvels" episode showcasing NASA technology developed in space that are improving our everyday lives.


Common Applications

+ Waterways, Marinas, Marshes & Wetlands

+ Shorelines

+ Vehicle Leaks & Rollovers

+ Railroad Ballasts

+ Oil Wells

+ Transformers


+ Retention Ponds

+ Maintenance Facilities

+ Storm Runoff

+ Car Wash & Parking Garages

+ Industrial Work & Construction Sites


How It's Sold

Order your PRP Powder today! Sold in:

+ PRP Powder is sold by the pound, see also

+ BioBoom for waterways

+ WellBoom for well monitoring and clean up

+ BioSock for boat bilges pumps

>> See Literature

>> See SDS Sheet


PRP Powder by Universal Remediation


PRP Powder is designed, developed and manufactured by Universal Remediation, Inc. Kelley Industrial is an authorized distributor acting on behalf of Universal Remediation and PRP Powder.


PRP Powder, its trademarks and copyrights are wholly owned by Universal Remediation, Inc.


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